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Hello Internauts, as per my preference I’d like to offer a short informal presentation to my ICT business to celebrate 5 years of activity.

Starting with myself, I am a young entrepreneur and in 2007 decided that I wanted to start doing for myself what I used to do for others.

Out of the ashes a phoenix rises! In 2008 after significant effort to gather investment and push through local bureaucracy, I opened a small computer shop in Quarteira, Algarve. And Inforzen was born. The line of the business focuses in Computer repairs, computer parts sales (peripherals, components, consumables,etc..) and Webdesign.

In the past year, the business moved to bigger and better premises to improve its visibility and also improve the service we provide to our customers.

Almost done here! I just want to thank all my friends and customers that supported me over this past 5 years! Hope to speak with you in person when you come by. Cya!

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